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Are you suffering from pain caused by poor posture?

The 5 major features of Hanyang can help you relieve pain!

1. Professional consultants understand your needs

2. Match your masseur according to your needs,
we don't schedule

(Finding a masseur that suits you is no longer a matter of luck)

3. Ergonomically designed massage bed, face pillow that can be adjusted in size, no need to go out with face marks after pressing

4. Infrared nursing lights, strengthen metabolism and promote circulation

5. Peach gum white fungus simmered for 5 hours on a slow fire, full of collagen


Find the source of pain and soreness
Customized Massage

When you come to Hanyang SPA, in the "comfortable, clean and private compartment", there are professional and friendly aromatherapists who use "customized massage" to help you relieve your soreness and fatigue.

Whether it is shoulder, neck and waist pain from standing and sitting for a long time, soreness after fitness, dizziness after work, or pathological discomfort, such as sciatica, poor posture, axillary lymphatic obstruction, and muscle adhesion, etc., will cause muscle pain. Neck pain, according to different pains, adjust the massage technique according to the actual situation, relieve your discomfort, so as to help you relax your tense body.  

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