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About HanyangSPA

The most focused, the most attentive, the most caring,

We pay attention to the needs of every customer,

Take you into your own relaxing space!


Customized Arrangement

The warmest spa in Taipei

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service items

Customized massage service,

You can communicate with our consultants,

Through professional massage conditioning,

Can meet your needs

Whether you like acupressure massage, deep oil pressure,

Chiropractic, Maternity Massage, Lymphatic Drainage

You can communicate with our consultants

Match your masseur according to your needs,

Finding the right teacher for you is no longer a matter of luck



We exist to relieve your pain and look forward to your visit!

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I'd like to make a reservation

💌 Successful transmission does not mean successful appointment 

👩‍💼 The customer service staff will arrange and complete the appointment for you as soon as possible 

📝 If there is a successful appointment after filling in, we will reply you immediately 

🙏 Thank you all distinguished guests for your understanding and cooperation 🤝💖

服務分鐘(Service Time)

Successful reservation will be sent by Email

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contact us



Phone number


Business hours

Monday to Sunday

10:00 am – 24:00 pm

Monday to Sunday

10:00 am – 24:00 pm

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